The Wave – Day Two

Today we watched the film which our project is to take inspiration from The Wave (Dir Gansel, 2008). This allowed us to understand how the real life event could be dramatised and enhanced to add extra drama.   Once I got home, I found that there is an older film The Wave (Dir Chambers, 1981) of the events... Continue Reading →


The Wave – Day one

Today I was given my work placement brief as part of my Foundation Degree in Film, second year. We as a class will be working with an artist to create videos and / or short films to accompany a play version of the film The Wave (Dir Gansel, 2008) . We watched a documentary about the... Continue Reading →

Yellow Velvet – Short Film Sound Design

“As sound designers we bring life to worlds that would otherwise be without an audible character, stuck in the silent void of space.” (A Sound Effect, 2017) This quote really spoke to me while I was researching into sound design, and made me want to design the best soundscape I could for this film.

Interpretive Film

For this module I had to work on two films, one as an individual, and one as part of a group. The individual film was a two minute video documenting a space of my choice. The group was a five minute interpretive film. The interpretive film was slightly different with it being a group project... Continue Reading →

Bus Bullying Training Video

For this practical project we were asked to produce four short educational films for Passenger Service Vehicles Driver CPD, which has the potential to be seen by drivers who work on bus and coach school services UK wide.

Wales Green Party Calling Cards

The leaflet had to be A6 and bilingual. I followed the colour guide of the party and their style guide, but added my own twist (the green triangles at the bottom of the reverse side of the leaflet and the polaroid photos).

Tea Fanzine

At GCSE my practical exam was to design an 8 page fanzine. My fanzine was dedicated to the past time of drinking Tea. I started my research by looking for other fanzines and magazines about tea, to see their designs and what they are talking about on the inside. The ones that I found were... Continue Reading →

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