About Me


I am a young graphic designer from South Wales. I take on freelance work as well as working as a graphic designer for a political party.

I have always loved all aspects of graphics and design. I first realised my passion for design when I took a GCSE course of Graphic Design. During the course I learnt of different aspects of design, from typography and layout to printing and finishing. For my practical course work I made a fanzine on tea. The fanzine consists of 8 pages including front and back cover. As it was about Tea I decided to make the fanzine in the shape of a mug (inside pages without handles), the cover pages had a matt laminate, and the paper stock was a thick cartage paper that I had splatted tea over to add an extra unique design. There was a page of facts where I designed fact cards to look like tea bags which fitted into pockets, I also illustrated the how to make a cup of tea page myself.


During A Levels I went more towards the practical side of design, product here I designed a bookcase chair and a 1940s style display cupboard.

Since mid-2015 I have been working as a Graphic Designer for the Wales Green Party, designing infographics, and have now designed their Assembly election Manifestos, leaflets, business cards, infographics and posters.

I am currently studying Film at University of South Wales. As part of the course I am developing my filming, editing, and sound skills, as well as evolving my scriptwriting skills.

To view examples of my Graphic design work please go to my portfolio page, and to view examples of my Film work visit my Showreel page.


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