The Wave – Day Three

Today we met Robert Bowman from Living Pictures Productions who is the artist we are working with for our work placement project. He talked to us about how he wants to put on a play of The Wave based on The Wave (Dir Gansel, 2008) and The Lesson Plan (Dir Jeffery & Neel, 2010).

We began by playing several actors warm up games to help the group; containing students from several courses; including a zombie name game, wink murderer and Mafia.

We workshopped with the actors using the Meisner technique. This is where you sit opposite another person, one says something about the other and then you repeat it back and forth and see where it takes your performance. Read more here.

We talked to Robert about what he wanted us, as film students, to make for him. He discussed how it was an open brief and he would like us to make either short films, documentaries in relation to “The Wave” or behind the scenes footage of the play coming together.

The Wave. (Dir Gansel, 2008). [DVD] Germany: Constantin Film.

The Lesson Plan (Dir Jeffery & Neel, 2010) [YouTube] State of Crisis Productions


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