The Wave – Day one

Today I was given my work placement brief as part of my Foundation Degree in Film, second year. We as a class will be working with an artist to create videos and / or short films to accompany a play version of the film The Wave (Dir Gansel, 2008) .

We watched a documentary about the event that inspired the film called The Lesson Plan (Dir Jeffery & Neel, 2010) This documentary talks to the real life students, staff, and families who were involved in the social experiment of ‘The Third Wave”.

As of yet we don’t have an exact understanding of what we will be doing as we have yet to meet up with the client to receive the brief, but we shall be meeting him in two weeks.

I look forward to learning more about this project and starting to work with the artist.


The Wave. (Dir Gansel, 2008). [DVD] Germany: Constantin Film.

The Lesson Plan (Dir Jeffery & Neel, 2010) [YouTube] State of Crisis Productions


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