Tea Fanzine


At GCSE my practical exam was to design an 8 page fanzine. My fanzine was dedicated to the past time of drinking Tea. I started my research by looking for other fanzines and magazines about tea, to see their designs and what they are talking about on the inside. The ones that I found were all the standard A4 paper saddle stitched with staples along the spine.

I decided that I wanted my fanzine to be different from the standard format for a magazine / fanzine. I went for the shape of a mug for the cover pages, in the industry this would have been achieved by die cutting but I had to use the resources that were available to myself in school, so I used the laser Cutter.


For the paper stock I decided I wanted to use a thicker and rougher paper to standard paper stock. I also wanted to manipulate the paper so that each fanzine would be unique. I decided to do this by dropping wet teabags onto the paper. At first I tried using flavored tea to see if i could get different colour splats on the paper, but they did not work. So in the end I used the standard English Breakfast tea to achieve the splats on the page.

I also decided I wanted the front and back covers of the fanzine matt laminated but not the inside cover pages. I achieved this by printing the pages onto the paper and then placing a scrap piece of paper on the side I did not want laminated. I then encapsulated (what is commonly known as laminating) the pages in a matt pocket. I then placed the encapsulated pages onto the laser cutter, aligned the page and the laser, then cut the shape of the pages.image

For pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 I didn’t want the full shape of the mug so I cut off the handle and made the pages slightly smaller.

When it came to contents I wanted a fact page. But I wanted the p
age to be slightly interactive. So I made pockets with fact cards in, designed to look like tea bags on a string, with a picture on one side and the fact on the other. and at the end of the string I put the fanzine logo.

I had two header fonts, and I wanted them both to feel rustic. The first is based off letters cut out of a newspaper, and the other was a splat / spray font to copy the tea splats on the paper.

For an added feature on each two page spread you could see a tea bag on a string. Then on each spread, the teabagimage has been moved up slightly as if someone is pulling it out, and it is slightly darker to imply the tea has got stronger.

For the “How to make tea” pages I decided to draw the illustrations myself. I am not the best at drawing, but due to the basic shapes needed, I was able to makde a basic understandable pictures with a unique style.

I saddle stitched the fanzine together with cotton by hand. leaving excess cotton imageat the end, with a tea tab at the end to resemble the string of a tea bag. This was so that it could be used as a place holder if needed.

I was very happy with the end result, and got an A* for the fanzine. If i were to do it again, I would go with just one header font, and choose a different text font, as I just used the standard for the time.



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