Wave Blog 10

Today I submitted my groups final draft of our promo video, with the additional scenes shot by myself. Now at the beginning we see a CAVC student sat listening to music in the college atrium, when he gets a text off his friend asking if he is going to see the wave, he then gets... Continue Reading →


Wave Blog 9

Today I pitched my idea on how to develop our promo video. Taking from the tv series Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s third season title sequence. In this title sequence, the lead character is seen watching a video on her phone, and I suggested this as a way to develop our video further. The team agreed so […]

Wave Blog 8

Today Eirlys and myself met with Cristina to discuss our production. She voiced concern that not using any original footage would not be enough for us to pass, and that the price, good though it were, was not clearly a promo video for a play. I explained that we would add at the end information... Continue Reading →

Wave Blog 7

Today I screened the first draft of the promo video for the first wave. The only thing missing from the video was the branding, dates and ticket information for the production. The group was pleased with the progress of the promo, and it was agreed we would send it to Cristina for her views. As... Continue Reading →

Wave Blog 6

I came back after Christmas after having to take nearly all of December off due to a mental health relapse, and no progress had been made by my group while I was gone, so I decided to take the lead. I presented the latest draft of the script that I had written, and Ellie agreed... Continue Reading →

The Wave Pitch

This production would be a promo video for the play of the Wave. The idea is to film it in the style of a Party Political Broadcast, with the concepts of “Strength Through Discipline” “Strength Through Community” and “Strength Through Action” appearing on screen. Interlaced would be existing footage of authoritarian leaders such as Trump,... Continue Reading →

The Wave Blog 5

Today my group (Tegal, Eirlys, and I) discussed ideas for a video. We settled on my pitch for a trailer using stock footage to create a party political broadcast style video as a trailer for the play. We briefly discussed this with Christina and she seemed to like it. I was given the task to... Continue Reading →

The Wave – Day Four

Today as a class, we brainstormed ideas of what we can produce using Popplet. Cristina our tutor thinks thats going down the short film route will the best as they can be shown on the night of the stage production, but can also be used as marketing on social media. I suggested the idea that... Continue Reading →

The Wave – Day Three

Today we met Robert Bowman from Living Pictures Productions who is the artist we are working with for our work placement project. He talked to us about how he wants to put on a play of The Wave based on The Wave (Dir Gansel, 2008) and The Lesson Plan (Dir Jeffery & Neel, 2010). We began by playing several actors warm... Continue Reading →

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